Benefits of Leucine

benefits of leucine

What is Leucine?

As an essential amino acid. L-Leucine it cannot be made by the human body and, therefore, must be consumed through food such as nuts, brown rice and whole wheat bread products or dietary supplements. In total, L Leucine is around eight percent of the total amino acid count in your body’s protein structures. It is also the fourth most concentrated amino acid in your tissue. There are 3 essiential BCAA’s , the other two being L Valine and L Isoleucine. L Leucine is the BCAA that is essential to your basic health.

Benefits of L Leucine in Exercise

L Leucine has been used as a supplement for years in order to increase sports performance. We get asked a lot though , what is Leucine? When should i take it ? Why should I take it?

The benefits of Leucine are vast we’ve identified what we think are the key benefits of a great product;

- Helps to preserve lean muscle

- Provides your body with energy during physical activity

- Enhances your ability to think when you are tired

- Increases the Human Growth Hormone, somatrophin secretion that can encourage healthier joints, decrease body fat.

-Increases strength and muscle mass

- Helps to manitain muscle glycogen levels

The majority of people who take part in regular exercise will know that in order to build muscle you need to regularly take on board quality Whey Protein. What a lot of people don’t know is that leucine is the strongest of the BCAAs and is also what is known as a “limiting nutrient”. This means you must have enough L -Leucine in proportion to other amino acids in order for your body to make full use of what you eat! If you don’t have sufficient levels of Leucine in your body then your body won’t make proper use of that Whey Protein. It will just go to waste!!