Creatine For Endurance Athletes

Introduction Although predominantly thought of as an aid to explosive power that can improve performances in relatively short-duration, high-intensity activities, there is growing research to show benefits in the use of creatine for endurance athletes. Although it can be found in natural food sources such as lean meat and fish it is removed when cooked so creatine supplements help boost intake to increase energy to the muscles, improve strength and…


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benefits of caffeine

Benefits of Caffeine

Overview Caffeine is a stimulant that increases alertness and mental focus. Evidence suggests that caffeine may also increases the body’s pain threshold. Benefits of Caffeine For Weight Loss Caffeine acts as an appetite suppressant. If you have an active lifestyle, this means that you’re spending less time thinking about food and more time using the caffeine rush to get your training done! Caffeine also stimulates your metabolism. This means caffeine…